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To escape his past, He fled to a foreign land, Only to fight for a new future.

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In 11th century North America, the budding nation of Haven is extending its global influence through trade. Larry, one of the Far Ones that crossed over from the 21st century, is captaining the Havenites’ ocean-going vessel, Stormchaser. His goal is to establish a trade route from Haven’s outpost in Iceland to a small settlement in southern Ireland.

But on going ashore at their destination, the Havenites are attacked by the Ur Neill, a northern clan, and their Viking allies. Although Larry and his men inflict heavy casualties on their attackers, they are separated from Stormchaser and are driven into the mountains.

Any hope of escaping the island is dashed when a Viking longboat joins the conflict and the now-undermanned Stormchaser must flee back to Iceland.

Larry’s responsibilities increase as he takes in refugees who are also fleeing the Ur Neill. Desperate to find a sanctuary, Larry and his men capture a small Viking longboat and sail themselves, and a growing number of refugees, up a river into a remote valley.

But the brutal leader of the Ur Neill clan wants revenge for his casualties and his Viking allies want the return of their captured longboat. They start scouring the land for the Havenites.

Fatalities mount as Larry struggles to keep his rag-tag group of Havenites and refugees safe. He can only hope that another ship can cross the stormy seas from Iceland before they all end up dead.

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