Contact (the second book in the Crossover Series) is now published!

In 11th century North America, the budding nation of Haven is extending its global influence through trade. Larry, one of the Far Ones that crossed over from the 21st, is captaining the Havenites’ ocean-going vessel, Stormchaser. His goal is to establish a trade route from Haven’s outpost in Iceland to a small settlement in southern Ireland.

But on going ashore at their destination, the Havenites are attacked by the Ur Neill, a northern clan, and their Viking allies. Although Larry and his men inflict heavy casualties on their attackers, they are separated from Stormchaser and are driven into the mountains.

Any hope of escaping the island is dashed when a Viking longboat joins the conflict and the now-undermanned Stormchaser must flee back to Iceland.

Larry’s responsibilities increase as he takes in refugees who are also fleeing the Ur Neill. Desperate to find a sanctuary, the Larry and his men capture a small Viking longboat and sail themselves, and a growing number of refugees, up a river into a remote valley.

But the brutal leader of the Ur Neill clan wants revenge for his casualties and his Viking allies want the return of their lost longboat. They start scouring the land for the Havenites.

Casualties mount as Larry struggles to keep his rag-tag group of Havenites and refugees safe. He can only hope that another ship can cross the stormy seas from Iceland before they all end up dead.

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Two questions to consider as you journey into the world of Crossover:

Could you survive in the Eleventh Century?

  • no running water
  • no antibiotics
  • the warlord in the next valley over wants your women
  • and there’s no toilet paper

Why did one civilization overcome another and what would it take to change the course of history?

Hints to the answer can be found in “SUGGESTED REFERENCES

Walt’s goal with his Crossover series is to provide a thrilling story set in a time and place where:

  • our everyday skills are irrelevant
  • modern technology is non-existent
  • and knowing how to kill is a survival trait

And as Walt’s characters fight for a new future, you will:

  • learn not-so-primitive pre-technology skills
  • gain insights into indigenous cultures
  • visit exotic places without leaving your:
    • recliner
    • craft beer
    • and toilet paper!

Some random musings:

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it but those who write alternative history can change it.

To change history at a particular point in time (or, more properly, write an alternative history novel set during that period), one must understand how people lived during that time.

It is also the goal of this website to present both writers and readers with sufficient cultural, technological, agricultural, and medical context to both understand and appreciate novels set in alternative history fiction.

The emphasis will be on the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries. This era is pivotal in the development of Western Civilization, coming out of the so-called Dark Ages and into the modern world.

By the way, the term “Dark Ages” really should be called the “Transition Ages.” First, it wasn’t all “dark” as there were bright spots in the Byzantine Empire, Al-Andalusia (Spain), and Ireland. And second, the former “colonies” of the Roman Empire were not so much decaying as re-arranging their social and governing structure as they moved to form modern European nations.

(Caveat: The commonly used expression, “Those who ignore history are bound (or doomed) to repeat it,” is actually a mis-quotation of the original text written by George Santayana, who, in his Reason in Common Sense, The Life of Reason, Vol.1, wrote “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”)

Note 1: comments are way appreciated.

Note 2: as are questions!

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My latest post concerns the description of a monastery north of Ros’s farmstead (now-a-day Dingle, Ireland) in Contact: Monastery north of Ros’s farmstead


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Tim

    Hi Walter,
    I finished Conflict and I was blown away by your creative mind. I initially hoped the fog would take them to the ancient columbia river drainage when the Missoula floods were causing repeated devastating floods every few/hundreds/thousands of years, and their struggles with the Indian tribes with the repeated catastrophic floods.

  2. Bill Schumann

    Just finished reading both Conflict and Contact. Enjoyed both and am wondering if there will be another book in this series and when? Thanks….Bill

    1. Walt Socha Post author

      Thanks! Way glad you liked them.

      Book three “stars” Brent. And his attempt to establish trade with the Maya. He lands on the trading island of Isla Cerritos (on the northern coast of Yucatan). And finds himself in the middle of political instability (due to deforestation, drought, and warfare).

      My wife and I just returned from an archaeological tour of Northern Yucatan. Great trip (although the heat and humidity was a bit high). Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to actually visit Isla Cerritos. But I did “overwhelm” myself both with Maya history/culture and with the terrain/climate. I’ve acquired lotsa reference books, but there’s nothing like getting one’s feet on the ground.

      Book three is going to be more of a challenge, given the complex Maya culture. But I expect to publish in early 2019.

      Best regards,

  3. Tim

    Sir, I have been enjoying your book ‘Conflict’. However, at chapter 22 and three pages i came to a blank page and in the middle of the page DOWNLOADING . AND ten pages later the story pickups up again. I am confused. Has any one else complained about this????
    I am reading on a Kindle Fire.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Walt Socha Post author

      Hi Tim,

      Apologies for the blank pages. And thanks for letting me know!

      At this point, I’m not sure what happened. I haven’t heard of similar problems and it looks good on my Kindle…but that doesn’t help you!

      Is it possible for you to send me (to walt@waltsoch.com) the (dot)mobi file? Possibly I could see how it “reads” on my Kindle (or on one of the Kindle simulators).

      Hopefully, you won’t have any more problems with the file. But I will reformat the manuscript and send you another (dot)mobi file. Apologies, but that may take a day or so.



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