Collapse (the third book in the alternative history Crossover Series) is now being edited!

With the ammunition for his AR15 expended, Brent feels his identity as one of Haven’s heroes collapse. He retreats to the open sea, hoping to prove himself by establishing needed trade routes and acquiring needed resources for Haven’s industrial development. His destination is the lands he formerly knew as Central America.

However, in the late Eleventh Century, these lands are still under the control of the Maya people. And their culture, economy, and politics are under severe stress.

When he lands in the trading island attached to The Seven Great Houses–which Brent previously knew as Chicken Itza, he is captured and becomes a pawn in inter-clan conflict.

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  1. Tim

    Hi Walter,
    I finished Conflict and I was blown away by your creative mind. I initially hoped the fog would take them to the ancient columbia river drainage when the Missoula floods were causing repeated devastating floods every few/hundreds/thousands of years, and their struggles with the Indian tribes with the repeated catastrophic floods.

  2. Bill Schumann

    Just finished reading both Conflict and Contact. Enjoyed both and am wondering if there will be another book in this series and when? Thanks….Bill

    1. Walt Socha Post author

      Thanks! Way glad you liked them.

      Book three “stars” Brent. And his attempt to establish trade with the Maya. He lands on the trading island of Isla Cerritos (on the northern coast of Yucatan). And finds himself in the middle of political instability (due to deforestation, drought, and warfare).

      My wife and I just returned from an archaeological tour of Northern Yucatan. Great trip (although the heat and humidity was a bit high). Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to actually visit Isla Cerritos. But I did “overwhelm” myself both with Maya history/culture and with the terrain/climate. I’ve acquired lotsa reference books, but there’s nothing like getting one’s feet on the ground.

      Book three is going to be more of a challenge, given the complex Maya culture. But I expect to publish in early 2019.

      Best regards,

  3. Tim

    Sir, I have been enjoying your book ‘Conflict’. However, at chapter 22 and three pages i came to a blank page and in the middle of the page DOWNLOADING . AND ten pages later the story pickups up again. I am confused. Has any one else complained about this????
    I am reading on a Kindle Fire.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Walt Socha Post author

      Hi Tim,

      Apologies for the blank pages. And thanks for letting me know!

      At this point, I’m not sure what happened. I haven’t heard of similar problems and it looks good on my Kindle…but that doesn’t help you!

      Is it possible for you to send me (to walt@waltsoch.com) the (dot)mobi file? Possibly I could see how it “reads” on my Kindle (or on one of the Kindle simulators).

      Hopefully, you won’t have any more problems with the file. But I will reformat the manuscript and send you another (dot)mobi file. Apologies, but that may take a day or so.


  4. James Riley

    Enjoying this series I have found alternate history to be a suprisingly fun genre to read yours being the second series I have begun. (1632 being the first also addictive) did note a few editing issues like double introducing the hurling game and some other stuff sorry I didn’t make a page list or anything. Nothing I couldn’t get past and still enjoy reading. As usual having different life experiences you think of different things you’d have and different things that could be done that is part of the journey though. Looking forward to the 3rd installment once again I found a series I really like too soon and have to endure the waiting. Once with Stephen King the Dark Tower series, once with 1632 series (not sure think I’m still waiting there) And now yours. enjoy life you are living a life I often contemplated as a youth and for god sakes man write write write !

  5. John Hatch

    A couple of technologies from that era that deserve to be picked up and preserved in your stories are Roman concrete and terra preta agriculture in the Amazon. Not much is known about the culture in the Amazon basin at that time because it was eradicated by illness spread by the first Spanish expedition to follow the Amazon from its sources in the Andes to the coast but it was large and complex and may have had a lot to do with the botanical diversity of the Amazon, however the use of charcoal to improve soil and animal and human health has a long and wide history. And we may be able to equal the strength and resilience of Roman concrete …maybe. If you would like links, let me know. And thanks for the stories.

    1. Walt Socha Post author

      Thanks for your comment!

      The Maya had an incredibly advanced civilization:
      …they had a “zero” in their number system
      …their cities were larger than those in Europe
      …and they made cement!

      I will be getting back to putting out newsletters (maybe once/month). I hope to review “Guns, Germs and Steel” by Jared Diamond and “Why Nations Fail” by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson.

      I haven’t heard of concrete in the Amazon. But wouldn’t be surprised. Check out “1491” by Charles C. Mann. That book blew me away!

      best regards,

  6. William R Bearden

    I’m an old guy ( born 1951) who’s been a sci fi fan all my life. It’s exciting to “discover” a gifted author, like I have now. I love your writing style. It was the originality of the Crossover series that grabbed me. I’ve read many time travel/alternate reality stories and the perspective of this set is unique. I have a B.A. in history so I appreciate the the research you probably did to keep things real. I am so looking forward to book #3. My impulse would be to sit on your front porch waiting for it to be finished, which would be a very creepy thing to do. My curse is that I read outstanding novels much faster than they can be written. Also, the Kindle price is way too low. Thank you for this very enjoyable product. Bill Bearden

  7. Christian Dauz

    I don’t get why the Mayan Remnants would even think about kidnapping Brent

    -Brent should have a Breechloading Rifle. While not as good as an M-16 (AR-15 is based on it) it would be very effective

    -Mayans would know about Haven and their much more powerful Army and Navy. Didn’t think they would be suicidal enough to attack one of Haven’s founders

    -Mayans with Bows and Blowpipes would be no match against a small Haven Trading Party, armed with Rifles, Revolvers, Grenades and one to two Cannons as well as wearing Armor

    1. Walt Socha Post author

      I used the premise that inter-clan disputes clouded the Maya elites’ decision. Will review!

      I think the armament issue will be resolved in the third book, “Collapse.”

      Continued thanks for your comments!


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